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Hi, Graeham! Your #1 Fan here! Stopping by to wish you, Beeb & Glenn a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. It's hard to believe you've been reunited FIVE years this month. We hope to see you live in America this summer.

- Tami, A VERY cold Atlanta, February 2nd 2007

Dear Graeham, congratulations on your great new CD! It's a definite must for all of us! Love "I'd Rather Be With You", it has made me fall in love with my wife again by mere listening to it over and over again :-) thank you! And "Someone�s Taken Our History" has literally brought tears to my eyes... I cannot understand why these guys act this way. I luckily had the chance to see you guys on stage sometime ages ago in Germany and they could never celebrate a show like you! Why not form a new band with Glenn and Beeb and David "LRB Original" or "Litte River Revisited" and show them? That's what we need. There's absolutely NO NEED to "re-arrange" your millenium classic songs... We want the Original and nothing less. Pleasepleaseplease hang on in there! We love ya.

- Chris, Gotha, Germany, January 12th 2007

Graeham, Congratulations on your latest album "The Days Ahead". It is a masterpiece of Australian music. Having bought this album I listened to it and enjoyed the songs, vocals and stories they convey. This latest recording is a reflection of the past and a new era in songs by a familiar artist. There are songs on this album that are written and performed in the style of "Mississippi" and the "After Hours" album. On your latest album there are songs that have the original "A Cappella" harmonies pioneered by you when you founded Little River Band. One of these songs is "Someone's Taken Our History", where you have once again proven that you still have the song writing ability and original sound that captivated the world many years back. Your songs tell a story and have powerful lyrics, and this is always the case where songs are written by the world's best songwriters that include Bob Dylan, Richard Clapton, and yourself. Both the storyline and the melody combined can be more powerful and have more meaning than any words or decisions of any political leaders or judges of any courts of this entire world. I can see that I will be buying more of your albums whenever they become available. Keep up the great work.

- John Skyllas, Melbourne, Australia, December 30th 2006

I wholeheartedly agree with the previous post regarding Graeham's vocal abilities. When I was 10 years old, I first heard Crosby Stills & Nash, and was familiar with Nash's abilities even before that, when he was in the Hollies. I too have admired Nash's top vocals and harmonies, and it was he who grafted in his vocals to Crosby and Stills when they initially met in Joni Mitchell's living room. CSN was born at that point. But, with that all being said, Graeham Goble's vocals have been a staple in LRB music, BSG, and his solo work....and I for one have preferred Graeham's vocals as a harmony singer. It is only apparent that at one time Glenn Frey referred to Little River Band as the "best singing band in the world." Quite a compliment coming from a member of the Eagles, who have wooed and awed us all throughout the years. The point is, to have that kind of endorsement from Glenn Frey....that statement wouldn't have been made without Graeham Goble's contributions to the harmonies of LRB. Like CSN and the Eagles, BSG's harmonies can melt your butter at 50 paces! One example comes to 1981, on the "Live Exposure" tour, my buddies and I were on the front row center seats to LRB's concert. It was during "Mistress of Mine" that my 2 friends looked over at me during a spot-on harmony part and gave me that said, "HOLY CRAP! THESE GUYS SING BETTER THAN ANYONE." I'm just glad that Graeham continues to give us all a part of his gift in life...his tremendous voice and songs. Thanks as always, Graeham for it all.

- Billy, Salt Lake City, UT, December 29th 2006

Mr Goble A brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing you sing lead vocals on your latest solo effort. It must be very rewarding. You do a very good job. I've always enjoyed your lead vocals on "Whales" and "I Didn't Stand a Chance" as well as on the LRB Debut LP. I've always felt you were a great harmony singer as well. I read once in an interview that you admired Graham Nash as your favorite top singer, which is ironic because I've always felt that Graeham Goble was a better top singer than Graham Nash. Your vocals have more sheen to them (if that makes any sense) than Nash's do and also blend better with the other two vocals. I've always felt your best top vocal was on "Face in the Crowd". Your voice is absolutely soaring on that number (which is another one of my favorite Graeham Goble songs). By the way, last night my wife and I were at another couple's house, sitting around the table enjoying dinner and wine. The radio had been on the entire evening, but when "Reminicsing" came on, suddenly everyone quieted down and focused in on the radio. The electric piano intro is unmistakable and suddenly no one was talking but everyone was now tapping their foot or bobbing their head and singing along with the song. The entire table commented on how much they "love that song". Take care Mr Goble and thanks for the memories.

- Billy Johnson, , December 27th 2006

graeham goble = best songwriter in the world! keep up the great writing graeham!

- Charlotte, Australia, December 24th 2006

In the mid 70's I was playing in a blues, southern rock cover band, and came across the LRB album with "Meanwhile" and "It's A Long Way There". We covered "Meanwhile", and it is still one of my all time favorite tunes, and has really held up over the years. A couple of times a year our band gets together, (we all have day jobs now), and we play some of our old sets. I've been trying to find a song book with chords & lyrics for this album and have had no luck. Any help in finding? By the way, I refuse to listen or see the current people masquerading as Little River Band. The original is always the best.

- Dave Klockau, Iowa City, Iowa, USA, December 4th 2006

Love the video clip and song, "Someone's Taken Our History". Many stand on the shoulders of those who paved the way ahead of them, and don't know it. There's no forgetting your origins, the opening in the USA, and how it set an easier path for others to make their music known. Thanks, Graeham

- Elle, Brisbane, Australia, December 2nd 2006

Hey Graeham I had the privilege of seeing the ORIGINAL LRB way back in the day.....totally awesome!!!. Thank you so much for writing my two fav LRB songs, IT’S A LONG WAY THERE and TAKE IT EASY ON ME, which I listen to regularly!!! Much love my friend

- Carol, Augusta, Georgia USA, November 27th 2006

Love the song Someone's Taken Our History. LRB was in my town a couple of weeks ago. I didn't even go out, since I knew it was not the real thing! You guys still rock. All the best.

- Rhonda Marcal, Jonesboro, Arkansas, November 25th 2006

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