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Forever Blue. Still gives me the shivers... in a beautiful way. You know, with all the shallowness of most contemporary music I find myself longing for your stuff more and more often, I enjoy your and LRB's music now ...more than ever before. Hope all is well with you. Take Care

- Mephisto Pheles, Perth, Western Australia, November 24th 2009

Fond memories of attending the beach, in my early youth with my mother and siblings, while the song Reminiscing plays on rotation via the local radio. To this day the song remains in my collection of top 5 and somehow seems to also find its way to the Karaoke at the local pub on special occasions. Thank you Graeham for your contribution to music and lasting memories. Continue the wonderful work

- Aaron Rozens, USA, November 22nd 2009

"It's not a wonder" is the best LRB song period and there are many great ones. I can listen to that lead section over and over again. Thanks for all the great songs.

- James Hale, Beaumont, Texas, November 18th 2009

Thank you for It's A Long Way There. I still play it regularly and love the guitar solo! Brings me a lot of joy.

- Rob, Perth, October 1st 2009

Hi Graeham, I have just listened to your song 'Someone's Taken Our History' I didn't realise that the band had been taken from under you guys like that. That is a tragedy. I will just have to be happy listening to you guys from your web site. I will get a couple of more albums next week from your web shop. Cheers

- Bob Stanbridge, Newport Beach, NSW, Australia, October 1st 2009

Dear Graeham, Caught Glenn with Doug Parkinson and Wendy Matthews last night in Caloundra...fantastic. I first saw LRB at the Gepps Cross Hotel Adelaide on the weekend of my 21st...I am now 57...LRB has been my favourite band forever and Reminiscing is, in my mind, one of the best songs ever written. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have brought to my long and prosper! Best wishes

- Steve Carey, Queensland, September 14th 2009

Your music is WONDERFUL! Your talent and style UNMATCHED in history as far as I'm concerned. The BSG dvd "Full Circle" is SPECTACULAR!! I love EVERYTHING ever written, sung, or played by LRB and BSG! PLEASE tour the USA, and specifically, INDIANA. We'd LOVE to see your great talents again and again!

- Mike Curry, Indiana, USA, September 9th 2009

Dear Graeham, I absolutely love your music. I am a senior in high school and have been taking singing lessons and choir and I always request to sing your songs for exam grades and such. But anyways, I just wanted to say that you are my idol and I wish you the best. And ever since I found out we were distant relatives, I have been just ecstatic! Love,

- Cynthia Goble, Port Huron MI, USA, September 1st 2009

Hello Graeham. Hope that all is going well. I am in touch with Tami here in the states pretty often. I am still enjoying your old as well as your more current music. Keep up the good work. Take care and God be with you..........

- Jim Underwood, Wytheville, VA USA, August 24th 2009

Dear Graeham, Thank you very much for "The Days Ahead" & "Let It Rain". They give me much joy and pleasure. Great music, vocals and words.

- Andy Newman, Adelaide, South Australia, August 21st 2009

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