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Good morning Graeham, My name is Ben Rynderman. First and foremost, I wish to express my gratitude for many years of inspiration and musical joy. I grew up listening to your music and now, at 35, consider it a fundamental part of my musical being. I've been a professional musician for about 17 years and I'm now significantly established in the field of Electronic Music. Having released four critically acclaimed albums and toured extensively through 7 or 8 countries internationally.

- Ben Rynderman, Melbourne, Australia, April 12th 2012

Mr. Goble, there is no way I could possibly express just how special your music has always been to me. I don't know how it was that I heard your music the first time, but believe me that it was when I was real young. I am actually feeling a rather large void in my life because I don't have LRB Greatest Hits right now. I LOVE THAT ALBUM!!! I will be getting it this week because I can't stand not being able to listen to it. Please take care of yourself and may God bless you always.

- Vicki Swink, , April 1st 2012

Dear Mr Goble, I'm Crisvic from Philippines, your biggest fan in here and your band LRB. Actually I have 7 CDs and 8 cassette tape of your band, I just wanna ask if the album of your concert in 1981 'Soundstage' still sold on the market, I'm dying to have it. If i could just turn back the time, that concert is the first I want to see together with my father. I'm just two months old at that time but it seems that those people in their is at my age... Every time i listen to your music I remember the happy memory with my father, specially the 'Take It Easy On Me' song. That's the first song I ever learn, I was 4 years old at that time. Thanks more power hope you still have many concert to make God bless......

- Crisvic Tompong, Cebu, Philippines, February 28th 2012

Dear Mr Goble, I am 45 years old and grew-up listening to your music. I love the lyrics and the soaring harmonies that you and the rest of your "mates" were able to provide our generation with. It is a style and art that is hard to find these days. I sincerely thank you for your efforts

- David Alexander, Bowling Green, Kentucky, February 25th 2012

Dear Mr Goble, I am writing to you on behalf of my Dad - (HARRY). YOU and Little River Band are his absolute favorite!!! He has been battling some life changing illnesses. I want to THANK YOU for helping him without even knowing it!!! You have always been his favorite. But when times get tough - he always feels better when your music is on his DVD player. My family owes you so much - you have helped as he battles his illnesses. I really believe because of YOU he has a great chance of making it!!!!! With your music playing we have shared some great memories laughing and just remembering great family times. I asked my Dad what songs were his favorite - my Dad said 'Help Is On Its Way'; 'Reminiscing'; 'Cool Change'; 'Lonesome Loser'; Man on Your Mind and the best one - 'Lady'. I can't even begin to thank you for the effect you and your music has had on my entire family - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

- Jeff Hartel, Parma, Ohio, USA, February 22nd 2012

You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': A friend introduced me to this song and instantly I fell in love with it

- strawberrypaper202, , February 2nd 2012

Hello Graeham, The Male Voices of Minahasa (MVM), North Sulawesi - Indonesia are planning to take a part in the World Choir Games 2012 in Cincinnati, USA. In the Popular Choral Music category, we will be singing your song, 'I'm Coming Home'

- Lendy Singkoh, Minahasa (MVM), North Sulawesi, Indonesia, January 31st 2012

You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': Hey Graeham, I'm a big fan of the band and in particular, your compositions. I saw you guy's in London, Ontario back in '79 at the London Gardens. You were phenomenal. Best harmonies in the business. What a night. Thanx buddy for all your brilliant music!!!

- CoreaKixx420, , January 23rd 2012

Mr Goble, I wanted to let you know how important your songs have been to me, especially 'Take It Easy On Me'. You have been blessed with a tremendous talent and your songs have meant so much to so many people

- John Dattilo, USA, January 22nd 2012

Hi Graeham, I just wanted to write and tell you that I am a huge fan of your music. My favourite song of all time would have to be 'Kings of the World', I love the clip of that song taken at the Sunbury Pop Festival. You have achieved so much success with singing and songwriting in your career and I wish you all the best

- Karen, Australia, January 16th 2012

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