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Hi Graeham. Just a quick line to say I am a HUGE 'Little River Band' fan!!!!! I play your music and watch you guys on you-tube almost every day for the simple fact that you guys are real and extraordinarily talented!!!! I can't stand listening to those fake LRB cover band try-hards! There is only one true LRB band and it ain't the one out there mimicking your music today. Everyone knows it! I would love one day to see the real LRB line-up live!!!!! Thank you for those incredible harmonies and songs

- Aaron Jury, New Zealand, October 30th 2011

Mr. G, you are such a class act, your songwriting and awesome vocals have been an inspiration to me since my first attendance to a "Little River Band" show here in the states. It was the late 70's and got to meet you and visit with you in the early 80's, A "Dream Come True"......Words could never express my love for your music

- Darryl Walker, USA, October 22nd 2011

I discovered the songwriter in you through a few songs that I had heard in the Mastering video of T Racks 3. I read about you and found that you do believe that when one sleeps one leaves the body and contacts angels. Wow, I love that aspect about you. I am from India, trying to discover the songwriter in me, expressing myself with music and the latest technology stuff! It was great to hear your voice in that journey and the strat tones in those T Racks instruction video. Thanks for sharing your talent

- Namin, India, October 22nd 2011

Mr Goble, Thanks a lot for exist and share with the world your wonderful music. We love you and hope that you will come to Mexico soon

- Angelica Quintero, Mexico, October 17th 2011

I'm a long time fan of LRB and I've just purchased 'The Days Ahead' CD and listened to the last track, 'Someone's Taken Our History'. Oh how I completely agree; it is travesty of justice. Just writing to say I fully support your right to still be LRB if you want to be. No harmony vocals will be as good as you, Glenn and Beeb

- Mark Crocker, Tasmania, Australia, September 23rd 2011

Dear Mr. Goble: I recently re-discovered 'Too Lonely Too Long' while plunking away on my Guild acoustic. Just for the heck of it, I did a web-search for the chords and lyrics and re-discovered that marvelous performance LRB did on Soundstage, way back in 1981. It brought tears to my eyes. You and Glenn and the lads sitting around the piano, sweetly harmonizing and then that wonderful cut to the live stage with your lead player's searing guitar solo that sounds as if it's coming from a heart shredded with grief. You sure know how to make a girl ruin her makeup, sir. Thank you for many years of wonderful songs and especially that song.

- Michelle Rose, USA, September 10th 2011

Hi Graeham! I have always been a great fan of yours and LRB. I know that you and Beeb were responsible for a lot of the harmonies in LRB, which I believe created a huge part of the character of this fantastic band. I've been listening to some of your tracks on your site and I love them. Your work is inspiring so please keep it up! Best regards,

- Mike Heeraman, Australia, August 18th 2011

Graeham, Your song 'Kings Of The World' has been stuck in my head since I was 8 years old. My Aunt used to give it a hiding. I heard it on 4KQ online on the weekend and finally heard the name of the song and band which led me to YouTube, then you. Man I'm stoked, 36 year hunt is over.

- John Brauer, Mandurah, Western Australia, August 9th 2011

Hallo Mr Graeham Goble. The first time I heard you was in the 90s. I drive a Lorry between Helsingborg and Malmö in The South of Sweden. And i heard "STOP" on the Radio. And now have I found your music again. And I love it really. Have a very good life. Sincerely Johnny

- Johnny Wall, Sweden, July 24th 2011

Graeham, I have always been moved by your amazing body of songs, especially when you had John Farnham on board with LRB. That acapella version of 'Love Letters' still gives me chill bumps, 'Please Don't Ask Me' should have been every bit as big as 'Reminiscing' or 'Lady', not to mention practically all of the songs on 'NO REINS' as well as 'THE NET'. Those years of LRB with Farnham - my God! just incredible - your harmonies, David Hirschfelder.... of course the magical vocal blend of you, Beeb & Wayne Nelson.... that vocal combination is as good as if not better than those amazing Eagles harmonies. I'm a big fan and would love to be able to buy a CD of LRB outtakes, alternate takes, rehearsals, live recordings, which I am sure you have in your own personal archives. It's just a matter of you offering them to us for sale. WE WILL BUY THEM!!!!!!! Thanks and keep us posted!

- Billy Pope, Texas, USA, June 27th 2011

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