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You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': A friend introduced me to this song and instantly I fell in love with it

- strawberrypaper202, , February 2nd 2012

Hello Graeham, The Male Voices of Minahasa (MVM), North Sulawesi - Indonesia are planning to take a part in the World Choir Games 2012 in Cincinnati, USA. In the Popular Choral Music category, we will be singing your song, 'I'm Coming Home'

- Lendy Singkoh, Minahasa (MVM), North Sulawesi, Indonesia, January 31st 2012

You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': Hey Graeham, I'm a big fan of the band and in particular, your compositions. I saw you guy's in London, Ontario back in '79 at the London Gardens. You were phenomenal. Best harmonies in the business. What a night. Thanx buddy for all your brilliant music!!!

- CoreaKixx420, , January 23rd 2012

Mr Goble, I wanted to let you know how important your songs have been to me, especially 'Take It Easy On Me'. You have been blessed with a tremendous talent and your songs have meant so much to so many people

- John Dattilo, USA, January 22nd 2012

Hi Graeham, I just wanted to write and tell you that I am a huge fan of your music. My favourite song of all time would have to be 'Kings of the World', I love the clip of that song taken at the Sunbury Pop Festival. You have achieved so much success with singing and songwriting in your career and I wish you all the best

- Karen, Australia, January 16th 2012

You Tube comment on 'Someone's Taken Our History': They can't write like you, YOU are LRB. You are one of the most gifted pop songwriters of all time, your skills rank among the best

- LabelBob, , January 13th 2012

Through my father I came to know LRB. Since the age of 3 I've been listening to your wonderful music. Is there a chance of the original LRB coming to The Netherlands, because it would be really something to see and hear the best band ever play our favourite songs we love so much. I'm in a cover band since 2011, playing the guitar, and am determined (if that's the right word) to play 'It's A Long Way There'; it's a masterpiece of all time

- Barbara Kock, Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 2nd 2012

You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': Absolutely best song, best voice, best performance and best band of the 70's & 80's. My all around best song... so haunting sound. I put your writing and musical talents right there with The Eagles. All your songs have such real meaning and touches the heart..but then again..that's the beauty of music and great musicians !!

- MrJRCNJ, USA, January 2nd 2012

Hey Graeham, Like most of your fans I am a middle-aged man still trying to recoup my youth through you and the songs from 'The Little River Band'. From 'Diamantina Cocktail' through Glenn leaving and the amazing return with 'Love is a Bridge' I have lived (and loved them all). Thanks for all the great songs and now associated memories!

- Joe MacLellan, Boston, MA USA, January 1st 2012

Dear Graeham, We wish you from The Netherlands a happy new year and much inspiration for much more good music. We hope that 2012 for you and your family will be a good year. For us, we celebrate new year with your wonderful music. Much love

- Thomas and Janny de Kievit, The Netherlands, January 1st 2012

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