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Graeham, I just want to let you know that the LRB show last night was just average. The instruments sounded pretty close to the original sound. It's too bad they have the have the trademark. You wrote some great songs. I saw your video, "Someone's Taken Our History". It sure nails it. I'm bitter about what is going on with LRB. If you guys (or you) ever get a chance to come to the USA to perform, let me know. I will be there. Thanks again for the good songs even now they have been stolen from you. Regards

- Bob Hodler, Columbus, Indiana, USA, September 6th 2010

Graeham, I have really enjoyed LRB music since you guys started. I am going to see LRB in concert tonight here in my home town. I never knew much about the band until the past couple of days after doing a lot of reading on the internet. After reading about the group and its beginnings, I have mixed feelings about tonight's show. It will be an empty feeling watching a group I have always liked, now without any of the original members. I wish you, Beeb, Glenn, Derek, Rick and Roger were playing tonight. Wow, the memories you must have through the years! You have had an awesome ride. I just wanted to thank you for the great song writing and music that I have enjoyed over the years. Tonight I will be Reminiscing! Aways a fan...

- Bob Hodler, Columbus, Indiana, USA, September 4th 2010

Graeham, 'Kings of the World' is one of my favourite songs. Thanks heaps

- Philip Jones, Australia, July 28th 2010

You rock Graeham. Great lyrics with a lot of soul, and always entertaining to boot. Well done and keep on rocking............... Blessings

- Janice Knapman, Australia, July 28th 2010

Hi Graeham, I am a keyboard player, and I love Reminiscing. Thank you for giving the world such a fantastic song. I especially love that C11#13!! Regards

- Jonathan Judd, USA, July 8th 2010

Hi Graeham, Your music is pretty & I've always love soul, blues & rock, with a mystifying effect. Jazzy & passionate. I found you through My father was Harold Goble. His mother & father grew up in the mountains of NC. You wouldn't believe it but my father looked a lot like you. Your music sounds a little like Grand Funk & Crosby, Stills & Nash, but so much class, nice sound

- Cindy Goble, USA, July 6th 2010

Dear Graeham, Congrats on Initiation Suite. Marvellous

- Ray Beard, Perth, Western Australia, June 6th 2010

I've always been a fan of LRB. The first time I heard "It's A Long Way There", the long version, I thought it was the best song I had ever heard, thanks Graham and co. I have been wondering what happened to the original LRB. With Birtles, Shorrock and Goble, those amazing vocals were the heart and soul of the band..... and of course the great writing. I hope to one day see you guys if ever you are in the states close to Arkansas. Meantime..... I am going to try to get hooked up with "Full Circle". Thanks

- Nicky Denton, Blevins, Arizona USA, June 5th 2010

Hi Graeham, Thank you for the great amount of enjoyment you've given me over the years. Happy belated birthday for yesterday, I hope it was a beauty.

- Dennis Prentice, Sydney, NSW, Australia, May 16th 2010

Graeham, you have not ever met me personally, but I am a HUGE fan of your talent. The songs you wrote are timeless, and I play them OVER and over again.

- Jennifer Grover, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 15th 2010

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