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Hey Graeham, Just wanted to give kudos for the site - excellent layout and very user friendly so 'Thanks!'. As far as Housden goes, what goes around comes around - the people who matter the most to you know who LRB really is and won't support any rip offs. Loved the clip with your boys - very talented family and it's great to see Nathan playing with another Aussie talent in Michael Paynter too - nice harmonies over his way also. Just proof that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree you must be very proud. The new album is epic - thank you so much for continuing to give the world music worth listening to. Cheers mate

- Jo Sedz, Perth WA, March 1st 2009

Hi Mr Goble, I have been a big fan of your work for many years now, I'm 23 now but as a young kid, in the very early 90's my dad used to sing me "I'm Coming Home" while i was going to sleep. I loved it. I must commend you for your album "The Days Ahead" as it is a true masterpiece. Thankyou for your music. Regards

- Brent Henshaw, Gold Coast, Australia, February 20th 2009

Hello Graeham, Greetings from a longtime LRB fan in Knoxville, TN USA. I just noticed on your website that the "Live Exposure" concert from Houston was released on DVD. I have a VHS copy that I had to buy off the rental shelf from a Blockbuster Video in the early nineties, I would really like to have the DVD. I even have the HBO concert from 1983 on VHS, that I taped off HBO. I wish both of these concerts were complete and not edited. I really enjoy the BSG "Full Circle" CD and DVD, and hope that BSG could tour the US soon. Seeing it makes me wish I could have seen LRB live back in the late 1970s. I did get to see LRB, with Glenn and Derrick, in 1995 in Chattanooga, TN. I really enjoyed the show but wished that Beeb and yourself would have been there. Thanks for all of the LRB material, especially the stuff from 1975-1982, it has brought me much listening enjoyment through the years. My wife gets tired of hearing it, because I listen to it all of the time even today. Thanks again. Take care

- Kendall Chiles, Knoxville, Tennessee USA, February 12th 2009

Graeham, I just watched the youtube video for "Someone's Taken Our History". Great song!.......I love the fact you did "that". I wish you well from Canada, Hoping you, Glenn & Beeb put more albums out there.

- Ron Cantin, Nova Scotia, Canada, February 1st 2009

Hi Graeham, I went to another website to get updates on one of my favorites bands of all time. I was very confused, I could see no mention of you, Glenn or Beeb?? You guys ARE LRB! Thanks for creating this website. I just found out the "Full Circle" album is out well as your 3 solo albums. I found the site also. As I'm typing this, I'm listening to "Time Exposure" on Vinyl! (I have it on CD too!) Much Respect,

- Ron Cantin, Nova Scotia, Canada, January 31st 2009

My very first concert was LRB at Perth Entertaiment Centre in 1977. I was already a fan having recieved a copy of AFTER HOURS for my 15th birthday in 1976. Attended reunion concerts at Burswood in 1988 & 1989 wih Christopher Cross. Witnessed your awsome BSG gig at A DAY ON THE GREEN at Sandalford. You allowed me to take a posed photo of you as you saw me clicking away right up the front. I was singing every lyric. Man PLEASE keep going and PLEASE come back to PERTH SOON!

- Paul Pisani, Perth, WA, Australia, January 27th 2009

Your harmonies are INSANE!!! I want to tell you how much the harmonies of the band have truly meant to me! They always seem to be spot on, man!!! Always an AWESOME job done on back up vocals! I have always preferred your sense of groove and vocal style over The Eagles. I honestly mean that! That was the first thing I noticed and enjoyed about you guys the first time I heard Help is On Its Way. I love the 3 verse (or the verse that repeats the same words as the 1 verse) how you beefed up the words "worry" and "trouble" just before it goes back into the chorus. Brilliant, my friend brilliant!!! Even as an 11 year old kid back then, I took notice and understood how and why that particular part of the song sounded SO FAT.

- Sean Sherrod, North Hollywood, Ca, USA, January 23rd 2009

Hello, I have always enjoyed the music of LRB growing up, but I became a HUGE fan in 1983 after watching a live concert recorded for a HBO concert special! Man, you guys were seriously groovin! The song "D" in my opinion is one of LRB's greatest songs, yet it's completely obscure. The other song I really liked was "St. Louis". Both tracks are really AWESOME. Take care and God bless you.

- Sean Sherrod, North Hollywood, Ca. USA, January 22nd 2009

Graeham, Concerning BSG. Let me say this, you 3 wrote the songs, so I hope you are financially set for life, and I hope your kids and grandchildren are set for life because of your previous success. I say this because it is a complete travesty that Housden has the legal rights to the LRB name. He was not part of your best era, in my opinion Briggs was on more recordings. The current LRB play all these small clubs/state fairs in small towns in America and the average guy thinks that is "Little River Band". Well, rest assured, the musicians like me, who worked at a compact disc store, who was on the college radio years ago, who have friends in the business, KNOW the difference. BSG really is LRB. I wish you the best (plus Birltes, and Shorrock, maybe Pellici & Briggs also). Housden, how can he live with himself, he will get his "karma" eventually.

- Shawn Feser, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, January 22nd 2009

Dear Graeham, Since the early years I am a fan of LRB and I have seen you once during "The Net" tour in The Hague, Holland. I was very sad about all the changes in LRB. However, I was delighted that I found out a few years ago, you picked up again with Beeb and Glenn. However it's quiet around BSG. What is happening, does BSG still exist? On the BSG-website the last news I can find is dated 2006. Will there be a new CD or tour, hopefully Europe (Holland) as well? Love your music. Thank you very much for all the beautiful songs. Johan

- Johan van Dorst, Hoeven, the Netherlands, January 7th 2009

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