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Graeham is the greatest Australian songwriter and composer we have ever had.

- Ric James, , May 7th 2022

'Reminiscing' is one of the masterpiece classics of the Australian songbook. I rate 'It's A Long Way There' even higher. It is a classic, so it cannot be categorised. It is a melange, and myriad of music influences, blues, even swamp, boogie. A timeless masterpiece classic.

- David Thomson, St Kilda penthouse, May 4th 2022

Thank you for writing such exceptional music and lyrics. I have been listening to Little River Band music for a few weeks now and today I really listened to the words of "It's a Long Way There"..."I live for the day when I can hear people saying that they know and they care for everyone." I live for that day too. Thanks again for sharing your music and lyrics with the world. All the best, Andrea

- Andrea Svejda, Maryland/USA, April 4th 2022

Thank you Graeham for writing such beautiful songs.

- 54lex, , December 21st 2021

Graeham, You would have no reason to remember me but I certainly remember meeting you. I was a backstage crew member at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama when LRB played there. It was about 30 or 40 minutes before the show began and I took the opportunity to stop by the green room to say hello to you. I wasn't really interested in meeting any of the other members but you because you were the main songwriter for the group (and I was a composition major at school). You graciously shook my hand when I introduced myself and expressed my admiration for "Reminiscing," amongst your other songs. You thanked me and I moved on and enjoyed the show from my spot in the wings. I remember the back-breaking work of loading the equipment back on the truck! Anyway, I am happy that the internet allows me to reach out to you to share that little memory. It was a nice thing to learn that Lennon really liked that composition, too!

- Tom Heaton, USA, December 1st 2021

'It's A Long Way There', performed by Birtles Shorrock Goble is the most incredible song and performance of it. I’ve played it for years when I feel down in the dumps. Thank you so much Little River Band for lifting our spirits over the years. It’s not just about playing these songs. It’s about the souls and where they come from. We know who the real ones are. I can’t thank you enough for lifting all our spirits over the years!

- Jake Easterwood, , November 18th 2021

Graeham... Just wanted to say thanks for all the spectacular music and the melodies of my life! Thank You.

- Andrew Block, , October 31st 2021

'Reminiscing' is quite possibly the very best song of the last century! I LOVE this song! It never gets old! Thank you Graeham Goble! The ORIGINAL, the REAL Little River Band is LEGENDARY! You guys are simply IRREPLACEABLE.

- Randall Todd, , October 29th 2021

Every time I hear you cats sing 'Love Letters' I cry! Glenn Frey said that Little River Band is "The best singing band in the world". This was probably the best version of LRB (musically).

- Ray Armstrong, Australia, October 24th 2021

Love you Graeham! Heart and soul of LRB. If you aren't steering the ship it's not LRB.

- N. Wilson, , September 21st 2021

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