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I'm still collecting your compositions and last week I found John Farnham's 'Uncovered' album. My deepest respect for you talent to transform your ideas and fantasy into such unbelievable fantastic sound monuments

- Walter Honegger, Switzerland, July 11th 2018

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your beautiful lyrics and vocals. LRB songs speak to me like no other. Please continue to share your gift with the world!

- Shannon L Barrett, Missouri USA, July 8th 2018

Your music (with the original LRB, BSG and solo work) has had a profound impact on my life. I've been a big fan for many decades now. You have given the world so much wonderful music and entertainment throughout the years - and brought joy and good feelings to so many people. I have more or less everything released by LRB and your solo work and my intention is to have these treasures framed and up on my wall. Most humble, I bow my head with gratitude, appreciation and reverence. Marcel Proust said it beautifully: "Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom"

- Morten Aabakken, Norway, June 30th 2018

Dear Graeham, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful talents! Little River Band's songs will live on forever. One never gets tired of listening to your music. To share your talents as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, arranger, producer, etc has been a joy to millions! I will forever cherish your music! Thank you for all you have done!

- Anita Wilson, , June 21st 2018

A few days ago, I woke up with the chorus of 'Kings Of The World' playing in my head. I hadn't heard the song for many years. Songs, and in particular excellent melodies like your works, are powerful and long lasting, and able to bridge generations. I'm persuaded you were gifted by our heavenly Father to create melodies of exceptional appeal and longevity. I thank Him for you. The Lord bless your going out and coming in

- Joseph Simard, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, June 17th 2018

Thank you for all you do and have done making such beautiful music. I started following you and other talents from LRB and never been anything less than very very impressed that there is still beautiful music in URBAN music era!!!!!!!

- Jerry Fladeland, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA, June 10th 2018

'Let It Rain' is better than any Hollies or Moody Blues album ever. Better in every way. It doesn't bring tears of sadness. But Amazement. Wow!

- Bennett Zimmerman, LA, June 7th 2018

In May 1979, I heard 'Lady' on our school bus, and everyone started singing the song. It was so pretty that our driver waited until the song was finished before she let us off to go into school. Thanks again, and again, and again for such a beautiful song

- Tami Dickinson, Ganton, Georgia, USA, May 30th 2018

You Tube - 'Take It Easy On Me': Thank greatness for the writers of these songs and thank greatness to Little River Band to put it all together. I feel really grateful to have heard LRB's songs at all... what a group and what a sound

- Hartley Gabolinscy, Australia, May 25th 2018

Hello Graeham, Congratulations on an amazing musical career. You certainly will have left a wonderful legacy to Australian Music when you finally hang up the boots. Your music has been a source of inspiration to so many of us who are of your generation. I often listen to Mississippi's 'Kings Of The World'

- Wayne Barnes, Queensland, Australia, May 24th 2018

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