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Graeham, I received 'Life Love Song' about a week ago and I had to follow up. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to it already - the headphones are on and I'm playing it right now. Honestly - what a great collection of songs. I have a 'Best of Little River Band & Related' playlist and I added every song from this CD to the playlist. I'm going to get a lot of enjoyment from 'Life Love Song' so thanks for making such an excellent album. The title track 'Life Love Song', 'My Conviction', 'All I Wish For', 'Forgotten Song', 'When? Why?', 'If You Only Knew' (congratulate Nathan) and 'For The Rest Of My Life' would have to be my favorites - in a different era, they are all top 10 material in my opinion. I realize I just named almost every song on the disc, but I really enjoy it - as much as I love 'The Days Ahead'. What a great career you've had and I hope there's still more to come.

- Rick Chiricosta, Avon Lake, Ohio, USA, July 27th 2014

Dear Mr Graeham Goble, I am 18 years old I am an enormous fan of your music & I think you & Little River Band have a phenomenal & distinctive sound. I always enjoy hearing your music on 'Steve Wright In the Afternoon' & 'The Ken Bruce Show' on BBC Radio 2. I adore all your songs because they are timeless & have fantastic lyrics & melodies, you can always sing and dance to them and they always make me happy and relaxed whenever I hear them. You are a fantastic composer.

- Jakeh Bettney, England, July 25th 2014

Hello Graeham, Last week I take the first download in my life, your new album. I burn a CD and listen to it again and again. An excellent record, as usual. Everyday I have another favorite song. Today it is 'When? Why?'. In 1979, when I was a 16 year old schoolboy, LRB has become a part of my life. I agree with you that the line-up Goble/Farnham/Nelson is a monster line-up. The album 'No Reins' is the best of the last century. My always favorite songs are 'Forever Blue', 'Two Emotions', 'I've Got Everything', 'Til Tonight', 'The Boy Inside' and 'Time & Eternity' (Steve Wade version). I never had the chance to see you live. In 1991 and 1992 I visit LRB concerts in Germany and I was a little bit disappointed that you are replaced by Peter Beckett. Mr. Beckett is a good singer and songwriter but he isn't a Graeham Goble. I got all your solo CDs from the 90s until today. From the end of the 90s I follow to your musical way and the war of the name Little River Band. In my opinion the current line-up of LRB has good vocals (Wayne Nelson), but I miss the songs, that only a Graeham Goble can write. All the best for the future.

- Matthias Stey, Germany, July 23rd 2014

Hi Graeham....just finished sending Glenn an email about feeling duped at an LRB concert last night in San Diego. My wife and I felt cheated after listening to your songs performed by an LRB cover band! I didn't do my proper research before purchasing the tickets, but I personally apologize paying hard earned money for that sham. We had a better time singing your songs to the mix tape I made for the trip. Thanks for the great songs! Seeing you in the late '70's will have to be my best LRB moment.

- Rob Scalise, San Diego, July 14th 2014

Mr. Goble, I'm sure you hear this often, but I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy your music. Growing up in the 70s & 80s your music was always on the radio here in Atlanta. Hearing your music today brings back memories for me. Thank you for writing such incredible and touching songs.

- Russ Hendrix, Atlanta, Georgia USA, May 23rd 2014

Hi Graeham, I joined the MSO on double bass in 1975 and one of my first 'sessions' was the orchestral backing for LRB's 'Diamantina Cocktail' album... at Armstrongs. I was bedazzled by the harmony work I heard in my cans that day and have been an LRB fan ever since. LRB is one of those bands where the songwriting/singing/ harmonies/arrangements reach the highest level possible... when everything clicks. Cheers

- Tony Smith, Melbourne, Australia, March 26th 2014

Hey Graeham, I love your music, but that strongest word isn't strong enough. I wish you and I could meet each other, but I'm guessing you're still in Australia. 'We Two' is a wonderful song with a fantastic performance from John Farnham. Your pen is that of a master - one great song after another.

- Benjamin Blake Mitchner, , February 27th 2014

Hi Graeham, I just watched Glenn perform here today and thought I would like to say thank you for all the great songs that you wrote during your LRB days. I am 45 and grew up listening to your songs. I have been a muso for 35 years and truly appreciate your craftsmanship. The legalities of you guys not being able to use your own name when you wrote and made famous the songs that the current users of the name are destroying is so wrong. Whatever Judge granted Housden the rights to keep the name when he doesn't even perform is a clown. Thank you again from a very happy listener. Kind Regards

- Mike Gould, New Zealand, January 10th 2014

Hi Graeham, Love your writing/arranging/harmony since buying Sleeper Catcher when it came out, immediately noticing your name on the songwriting credits. Hope to see you perform either solo or in band.

- Mark Young, Iron Mountain, Michigan, December 9th 2013

Just wanted you to know that I went to see most recent incarnation of LRB the other night....should have done my research BEFORE the concert and did not know about what happened to you & other founders until after when I looked up info on current lineup. That led me to your song and here and just want to say I appreciate you....for standing up and speaking out....brave. I was very saddened to hear about what happened to you....just plain wrong, especially if it keeps you from getting good gigs here in the States.... Don't know if it helps, but I have posted my thoughts on this on facebook and challenged people to think about the topic too....Wish you all the best.

- Rose Hoene, USA, November 17th 2013

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