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Hello Graeham, It would take up too much space here for me to tell you what a huge effect your songs with Little River Band, the harmony arrangements, the words and music have had on my life. I formed a band many years ago (I am 36) and it just had to have musicians who could sing harmony, LRB was the vocal template.
I saw the show at Twin Towns last night, August 31st, the 3rd time I have seen BSG, bloody brilliant full stop. To get to meet you and have a short chat with you afterwards just made the night perfect. Thankyou and I can not wait to own and hear the new album, finally I get to hear your voice in the lead!! I hope you keep making music forever, once again thankyou.

- Craig Thomson, , August 31st 2006

Hi Graeham,
The website is awesome! I can't wait to buy the new album, the previews are fantastic!! Congratulations on everything that you have achieved :-)
Best Wishes,

- Jennifer Dousset, , August 30th 2006

Wow! thanks for the acappella examples something singers and musicians can amaze at, a great addition to the website. thanks for the music and inspiration Graeham

- rhys lett, , August 30th 2006

I am very distressed that I am missing all of your amazing shows in Australia. Hope that all of us American fans can get the word out to get you the audience you well deserve here. We are all in desperate need of a BSG fix. Thankyou for your wonderful lyrics, music and vocals that have been a huge part of my life since 1979. Your web page is awesome and very welcoming. Thanks Graeham!!

- Debbie White, , August 29th 2006

Hi Graeham,
Fantastic CD. Love all the songs and the music. Hope you sell a million! Easy listening.
Great web site too.
Congrats on all you have achieved {so far}!
B and J

- Bill and Josie, Eildon, Australia, August 28th 2006

Hi Graeham,
Great site!! Can't wait for the new CD.
Best Wishes,

- John Petchauer, , August 28th 2006

Great website and I love your new CD been listening all weekend
All the best to you Graeham and to your delightful family.

- Alison Walters (Beggs), Eildon, Australia, August 27th 2006

Hi Graeham,
I was happy to see your site back up again, and indeed... it looks terrific! I was also happy to learn about the new CD. The order is already pending. Congrats for the ASA award also! You guys truly deserve that.
"We wrote the words and the melody
Now someone else sings our harmony every night
Every night when the lights are low
In the darkness, they play our show..."

Oh well, how true...

- Fr@nkie, , August 27th 2006

Hi Graeham, Congratulations on a fantastic website and a must-have album. Best wishes as you enter a new chapter of the book of life.

- Kevin Ford, Sydney, Australia, August 27th 2006

Great site! I love the look and feel. Can't wait to hear the new CD! All the best.

- Trish, USA, August 26th 2006

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