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Dear Mr. Goble, I'm 49 years old and I was only 11 when your song 'Reminiscing' was released. It had and still has meant more to me than any song I've ever heard! Your song makes me feel like I WANT being in love to feel like! I have met one girl Angie who makes me feel those exact feelings. I wanted you to know, listening to your song & hearing it play in my head instinctively every Friday night continues to give me HOPE that I can one day begin living that song with Angie. Graeham, thank you for giving me this endless lifeline. Thank you for a song that has been a source of hope & inspiration since I was 11 years old.

- Jerry Cosgrove, Ohio, USA, January 15th 2017

Thanks for your music it just makes my life so much better!

- Nancy Damiani, USA, January 6th 2017

Hi Graeham, Just wanted to tell you how much your songs have meant to me over the years and the sound you created with LRB. You wrote the songs and created the sound. I still listen to all the albums and catch as much as I can on YouTube. It's not just that I have followed LRB down through the years, I was into Mississippi, Axiom and the Twilights before that... LRB is BSG

- Phil Gibbs, South Australia, December 23rd 2016

You are truly a treasure! I've always wanted to meet you and throw some musical ideas around. Blessings and Shalom!

- Jeff Miller, , November 1st 2016

While you guys were the LRB, you were exceptional. I've listened to your music since I was a teen beginning high school. Not to be degrading or anything to any of your former lead singers, you, Mr Goble and Beeb Birtles have an angelic blend of voices to produce harmonies that no one will ever touch. I'm hoping that you and he will get together to produce and record more of those amazing works. Thank you!

- Deborah, Rainbow City, AL., USA, October 2nd 2016

'Stop' is a very great song. Congratulations for creating this song.

- Horst Wolff, Germany, September 28th 2016

Graeham: I have followed you guys for YEARS. I teach at the University of Delaware on the U.S. East Coast. In about 2 weeks, my 90 freshmen students will be introduced to the original LRB, as I use 'It's a Long Way There' as a theme song for our semester. Your lyrics are PERFECT for young college students who have a VERY short, yet VERY long trip to their college degrees! Thanks for the great support you are providing to my students!

- Dean Sommers, Wenonah, NJ, August 15th 2016

I was all over LRB even before I got my first radio DJ JBL at 15. LRB had just released Diamantina Cocktail, and I was wearing that record out! The vocals were so tight, and the precision of the rhythm and vocals gave enough room to all the players to spice it up with amazing talent. I never lost my zeal for the core band. They have never been topped by anybody. I love LRB's 70's and early 80's work.

- JJ McCartney, Nebraska, USA, August 13th 2016

I'm ready for a GG tour!

- Olen Goble, Alabama, July 5th 2016

I am 53. I was mesmerised from the moment I heard 'It's A Long Way There'. I bought every album. Each single was more innovative than the one before, and the album tracks spoke with aching honesty of the 'Days On The Road'. I liked LRB better than The Eagles and I adore them. Elton John was number one for me, but I saved my money to buy all LRB albums. I saw LRB in 1980. You were the finest writers of the era. I wish to validate in every way your musicianship and writing. The Adelaide concert with you, Glenn & Beeb was a triumph. The 'Full Circle' performance changed my life. Most sincerely

- Bennett Zimmerman, Los Angeles, July 4th 2016

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