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Gday Mate, Just listened to "Someone stole our history" and OMFG the lyrics couldn't be more true. I am so sick of artists stealing/borrowing other artists creations, my father always told me that a true musician never uses anyone's material unless they are doing a tribute to them. I have been telling ppl about your myspace and am in the process of speaking to our local DJ to get you some promo's. Talk to you soon. Take care and stay safe Luv Dawn (mad fairy from Mandurah)

- Dawn Greenwood, Mandurah Western Australia, March 14th 2008

Dear Mr Goble I had to write a quick but very heartfelt email for not only the great CD you sent (The New Nautilus), but for the very nice signed letter accompanying it. I know my wife and I are just a couple of your millions of fans over the years, but we like to think of ourselves as a couple with a "special" bond with Little River Band, especially. With our great love of the band and your songs, it was 25+ years ago at a LRB concert at an old supper/entertainment club in Minneapolis Minnesota USA that during our favorite music I proposed to my then girl-friend, who couldn't help but say yes to your beautiful music! My wife and I continue to follow all the careers of that great band. We are also enjoying "Full Circle" & "The Days Ahead" & look forward to your next project. You guys are not only great, great musicians but great, great people! When I think of great, great music with everything from song writing to vocals, arranging etc we think of Beatles, Bee Gees, Eagles and Little River Band! Sorry to carry on, but had to send a big thanks that I hope you receive. We only hope you've had a fraction of the pleasure writing and playing as we have had listening & listening over the years!! Your big fans

- Jerry & Judy Fladeland, Minnesota USA, March 14th 2008

Hi Graeham, Everyone one I know loves the real LRB and the sad story about BSG not being able to use their name. We know the truth here in Canada, and would never go to see the fakes. So I guess for now I'll just have to keep playing and enjoying your cd's and dvd. I remember back in the seventies working for capital EMI record stores, we could never keep your albums in the shops! I use to play them in the stores all the time. People would just stop, stand there, listen and groove to them. Also I can't wait for your new cd to come out. Your last cd "The Days Ahead" is brilliant, an incredible cd! Cheers

- Mark Kaiser, Whitby, Ontario, Canada, March 11th 2008

Hi Graeham Just a note t say how much we appreciate your work up here in Cairns. Today I recieved a Bad Cat Amp from a relative in the US and it reminded me of your concert BSG show. Us musos in Cairns just love the DVD and watch it often. Anyway just another thank you for your writing from us here in the tropics.

- Glenn Mashford, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, January 29th 2008

Hi Graeham Thankyou for some very amazing music. I've followed a lot of groups over the years but you have really topped them all.

- Anthony Devine, Vancouver, Canada, January 29th 2008

Hi Graeham Thankyou for some very amazing music. I've followed a lot of groups over the years but you have really topped them all. Is there any info on Broken Voices. great music!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know when you do any other projects. I think I have them all.

- Anthony Devine, Vancouver, Canada, January 25th 2008

hallo Graeham, my name is Chris I'm a singer songwrither and Guitarplayer. I'm a great fan of you and BSG you are the best Songwrither I know, you was the DNA of LRB. I hope I see you with BSG for Concert in Germany all the best of you Christian

- christian, germany, January 17th 2008

Graeham, I just want to tell you something that I have told countless people over the years... ...Reminiscing is still my favorite song, period! Thank you so much

- Jim Stephens, Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA, December 23rd 2007

I just enjoyed looking over your website. I love the BSG album and DVD too. It's an incredible treat to see and hear you performing those amazing songs again. They have certainly stood the test of time. My musical influences are wide and varied, but if I had to live on a desert island and was only allowed to take one record it would be Diamantina Cocktail. I wouldn't have to think twice I LOVE that record. Congratulations on an incredible career as a world leading songwriter and performer. Thank you for all the pleasure you've given to me and so many over the years. You have been a major influence on my songwriting. I hope you have a great Christmas and the very best of luck in 2008. Kind Regards

- Duncan Lee Hamilton, UK, December 23rd 2007

Hello Mr Goble, I've never written a celebrity before, be it an actor or a musician, but I just had to write to thank you for writing my favorite song ever called 'Reminiscing'. I've loved this tune ever since I was seven years old and never tire of listening to it. This wonderful piece of music always brings back such grand memories of youth and innocence. It is truly a spectacular masterpiece and thank you again for writing it. Take care and thanks for reading this letter.

- Aric Lehing, Tarpon Springs, FL USA, December 21st 2007

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