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Just wanted to say hello and apprecieate the invite to your MySpace site keep up the good work and best of luck to the band.

- Eric Coates, South Carolina USA, August 9th 2007

Hi, Graeham: Just wanted to wish you & BSG a terrific tour with Countdown in August. I hope we see you guys in the US someday soon. Have fun on the tour

- Tami Dickinson, Atlanta, July 31st 2007

Hi Graeham, love the clips on your site...have given my Dad a tour of your site. He loves the latest clip that you and the boys did last year

- Susan Holcomb, Surrey Hills, July 30th 2007

I hope you know that you have fans of your music in the United Kingdom, both with LRB and after. I have all your albums and hope that there will be a new BSG CD soon. Over here we can't get to see you live, so we have to rely on the DVD and live CD. Someone has indeed stolen your history, but they're fooling no-one. Take care, just know that your music is special to people.

- David Eade, United Kingdom, July 26th 2007

Hi Graeham, Today I got my The Days Ahead CD, your writing/composing is as always great. We waited too long for this one after your great projects (with singer Steve Wade) "Stop" and "New/Nautilus" and my special favorite "Broken Voices".

- Wijnand Kors, The Netherlands, July 26th 2007

Hi Graeham, I loved Little River Band, and I think you have a very beautiful voice!!!!

- Pat Thomas, Evansville, IN USA, July 20th 2007

Hi Graeham
I ordered your "The Days Ahead" CD from in Australia. Well, it was sure worth the wait! It really is a beautifully crafted album. As a musician, one can hear the care you've taken over every aspect of the production - the songwriting, the arrangements, the sensitive playing and singing, the mix, the little effects. And the vocal blend!
Work of this sort of quality deserves to be top of the album charts everywhere... I hope it happens. Particularly with the inclusion of a quite "commercial" (but beautiful) song like "I'd Rather Be With You". Gee, I'd love to see something like that push P Diddy or Green Day off the charts.
So once again, Graeham, thanks for your music. I hope you're hard at work on your next CD. I'll buy it in a flash...
All the best

- Bobby Louw, South Africa, July 10th 2007

hi, just met you today and feel like an old friend already. I lived little river band and your music is so liquid and soft-sexy. will have to get some of your music. best to you karen "sunflower"

- sunflower, Indiana-USA, June 27th 2007

hello graeham, after waiting for months and months I received "the days ahead". kept me waiting but it was worth waiting for. now I can't get the cd out of my cd-player. the music is just too good. thanks for recording this album.
greetings from holland

- erwin reinders, holland, June 23rd 2007

I love this music. Come to Germany and play your songs.
Telecuster Fan

- Jurgen, , June 1st 2007

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