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I still remember where I heard 'It's A Long Way There' for the very first time. I'd just gotten on the 405 at Wilshire, was gridlocked in traffic waiting to switch to the 10 to drive for a 9 am class at law school and it emanated through the speakers of my 2002 via KLOS. This is a masterpiece. If you're a fan of seventies rock, you'll be stunned by this nearly nine minute cut that lags not a bit, that sets your mind free and makes you feel good all at the same time.

- Bob Lefsetz, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA, June 3rd 2017

Your music makes me think and be happy at the same time.

- Bennett Zimmerman, CA, USA, June 2nd 2017

Hello Graeham, I've been a huge fan of LRB since the late 70's. I recently bought the extended Greatest Hits of LRB and discovered 'Face in the Crowd' and fell in love with it right away. I also love 'You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind'. I hope and pray for a real LRB reunion.

- Jana Havens, Menifee, CA, May 27th 2017

I've been a fan from the first time I heard LRB... Been trying to collect all your albums... I listen to them all the time. Thank you for all the great songs you have written.

- Lawrence M Khare, Howard Beach, NY, USA, April 29th 2017

I just love listening to the Real Little River Band. Your songs Graeham are incredible.The harmonies amazing. I love the Birtles Shorrock Goble Full Circle dvd and cd. What a great website you have.

- Jeff Wheeler, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, April 12th 2017

Hi Graeham, Sending a note to tell you what a great writer you are and thanks for using your gifts. I'm 52 years old and was just listening to 'Reminiscing'. I love the lyrics so I looked them up and I found who wrote it and I looked you up. I always liked LRB hits but never cared back then who the players were. I write as well and songs come to me fast as well when they come. Cool to hear of someone else who that happens to. Have a great day

- Debra Stevens, Sawyer, Michigan, USA, March 17th 2017

Thank you to you and all the original crew of Little River Band! I grew up listening, and loving the wonderful harmonies and catchy songs. I remember waiting for the right time on my cassette boom box to record when one would play on the radio...please forgive the copying, it was a different time. I still listen and adore the songs. Thank you Mr. Graeham!

- Chuck Walker, USA, February 11th 2017

Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. I appreciate the sacrifices of time and family that were required to perform on such a grand stage. I pray that you were rewarded with a wonderful life. God bless you.

- James Steward, , February 3rd 2017

Dear Mr. Goble, I'm 49 years old and I was only 11 when your song 'Reminiscing' was released. It had and still has meant more to me than any song I've ever heard! Your song makes me feel like I WANT being in love to feel like! I have met one girl Angie who makes me feel those exact feelings. I wanted you to know, listening to your song & hearing it play in my head instinctively every Friday night continues to give me HOPE that I can one day begin living that song with Angie. Graeham, thank you for giving me this endless lifeline. Thank you for a song that has been a source of hope & inspiration since I was 11 years old.

- Jerry Cosgrove, Ohio, USA, January 14th 2017

Thanks for your music it just makes my life so much better!

- Nancy Damiani, USA, January 5th 2017

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