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I am 30 years old and I started listening to Little River Band with only Reminiscing in 2018. As recently as 8 months ago I found the totality of Little River Band. I fell in love. The harmony and singing that I heard blew my mind. I heard the Eagles, and Crosby Stills & Nash. but I never heard a singing band nearly as incredible as LRB. I got to know the LRB discography and it was an amazing experience. 2 months ago I happened to find a band named Mississippi. I told myself that they were almost as good as LRB and I loved them so much. Then, I started looking into things further and I found out that Mississippi WAS LRB. I could not believe it. I listened to everything. Mr. Moondog is a hell of a song! THEN I found Birtles & Goble. Oh my goodness. What a beautiful slew of songs. Incredibly incredible. My all-time favourite of Birtles and Goble is Lonely Lives. That is a sublime piece of music. I watched all of your YouTube videos on your channel. I loved the LRB rehearsals. Thank you so much for providing music to me that I found to be so beautiful. You are doing the same thing as all bands: guitars, singing, drums, etc. but you made it special. Thank you so much.

- Kevin Wood, Bethlehem PA, USA, June 21st 2024

Kings Of The World (1972): It blows my mind how good this early material from Graeham is. It instantly displays his greatness as a vocalist and songwriter. He is without a doubt on the same list as Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren, and the other top tunesmiths of our time.

- Jamie Ruggiero, , June 7th 2024

Love 'Kings Of The World', performed so masterfully live by Mississippi. Better than The Eagles by a country mile!!

- Rod Williams, Australia, January 23rd 2024

The first album I heard with Little River Band was 'No Reins', and then I was stuck. The harmonies are incredible and the ability to make the lyrics go along so perfectly with the melodies are just as incredible. You can hear in the melodies what the songs are about. I bet I am the biggest LRB fan in Sweden! And I have all their albums on vinyl, except for a few of the latest, because I think they sound better. So thank you so much Mr Goble for all the unforgettable songs!

- Janne Pettersson, Sweden, December 23rd 2023

I’m 78 years old, and I have played lead guitar in rock bands for 60 years. I know good music when I hear it, and I just wanted to tell you that the songs you have written and performed with LRB are absolutely incredible. I listen to your music every day, I never cease to be amazed at your musical virtuosity. I saw LRB live at the Carlton House in Minneapolis with John Farnham sometime in the 80’s, and I remember being overwhelmed with your great songs and particularly great harmonies. Thanks for giving me such musical pleasure over the years and for giving the world your unique gift of wonderful music. Your lifetime fan, Tom Moeller

- Tom Moeller, USA, December 8th 2023

You're my favorite songwriter of all time. Love listening to your songs. My favorite is 'Hard Life'.

- David Jacobs, , July 22nd 2023

I remember my American friend sending me a letter in the late 70s asking me if I'd heard of the LRB... He was so blown away by you and the others... I was so proud when I said, of course... 'Reminiscing' is such a beautiful song... They all were but my other favourite is 'Please Don't Ask Me... You have to be a very spiritual person to create and write songs like that... Thank you for making my teenage and early 20s unforgettable, music-wise. You can hear LRB songs on the radio, on youtube, at a party, anywhere and I always stop to listen. Thank you Mr Goble x

- Karen, Sydney Australia, July 16th 2023

Reminiscing is a beautiful song, it activates your imagination and WONDERFUL Memories. I have a smile on my face that never leaves me when I listen to this song...

- Claudia Branch, , March 17th 2023

I was out hiking today, turned my Spotify on shuffle, and 'Kings Of The World' was the first song that came on. For some reason I felt nostalgic and started to cry, thinking about life and its finality. It's an amazing song that can make you instantly feel like that.

- annod6, Australia, January 12th 2023

Little River Band are one of my all time favorite bands, their rich harmonies through the original years and the Farnham years are just superb. My favorite album by LRB is No Reins the amount of amazing songs on that album is just incredible and it's such a Shame that the album is not more widely known, Face In The Crowd, Forever Blue, It Was The Night, It's Just A Matter Of Time are all fantastic songs and it proves how great the album was that even amazing songs like Stormy Surrender and Tender Betrayal couldn't even make the album. But my favorite LRB song of all time would have to be No More Tears, the guitar intro gives me goosebumps every time and those harmonies at the end are just to die for. Thank you Graeham for all the amazing music over the years and I really hope to see you get inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2023

- Franklin, New Zealand, January 10th 2023

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