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I am writing to let you know that my favourite song from your Mississippi Music Group is the 'Kings Of The World' and I do love it very much. I remember the 'Kings Of The World' song since I was a kid from the early 1970s on the radio when I was living in Queensland at that time

- Gary John Lorenz,, October 18th 2012

Facebook Post: Graeham has written some of the most iconic songs of our generation. What a genius!

- Allan Clarke, Centerville, Ohio, USA, September 29th 2012

My High School years and 80's would have been lost without my favorite songs from you! 1979 Grad Thank You Graeham!

- Jesse Lopez, , September 24th 2012

Hi, I've always liked LRB, my favorite tune being 'Take it Easy On Me'. Anyone who lists one of his influences as BREAD is a friend of mine! I knew James (Jimmy) Griffin and Mike Botts and their music and harmonies (Jimmy with David Gates) is so outstanding. I last saw you on YouTube in a concert with Glenn Shorrock and Beeb Birtles, it was great

- JD Sims, USA, August 2nd 2012

Dear Graeham, I'm just watching the BSG Full Circle DVD, Forum Theatre, 2003, as I type this. Nearly worn it out. I constantly search for early LRB albums and have found and bought many. Love your music!

- Jeff Cox, Melbourne, Ausralia, July 27th 2012

Dear Graeham, 'It's a Long Way There' is a wonderful composition. Thank you for writing one of my childhood's classics

- Mike Versteeg, Netherlands, July 26th 2012

No long message here; just a huge THANK YOU for years of smiles every time I hear one of your contributions to the world of music

- James Ray, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, July 22nd 2012

You Tube comment on 'Little River Band Medley' - Birtles Shorrock Goble (Countdown Spectacular 2) (2007): A Master's class in vocals and harmonies

- F.C. Flatlander, , July 17th 2012

You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': Well, this song is just incredible, thank you for enriching our lives with it. I have a terrible voice yet I won a Karaoke contest two years ago singing this. I'm a retired Navy Master Chief who has travelled the world times over and I always think of this song when I meet women who seem to have that beautiful, yet mysterious way about them...

- M.G. Williams, USA, July 14th 2012

Graeham, I read on a post how much you appreciate it when people enjoy your songs, What an understatement. In all seriousness, babies have being born while their Mothers listened to your songs, people have drawn their last breath surrounded by your harmonies and the imagery of your lyrics, girls have become women and boys have become men. You have been blessed with a great talent that you have shared quite literally with millions. What a great gift you have and thank you for so willingly sharing it with us all.

- Stewart Brown, Sydney, Australia, July 5th 2012

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